Though this issue has been previously noted, it’s still startling to hear the recent study revealing that U.S.-born Asian American women are at high risk for suicidal behavior.
The University of Washington study, which was based on 2,100 individuals, age 18 and above, includes alarming statistics such as this one: 15.93 percent of American-born Asian women have contemplated suicide at least once — a number two percent higher than the 13.5 percent estimate of all Americans.

For young Asian American women, the numbers are even more eye-opening. The study revealed that its youngest participants, Asian Americans between 18 and 34, are the ones at the highest risk — 11.9 percent of this group has likely thought about suicide.

Researchers have mostly refrained from using generalizations about this demographic of American-born Asian American women to explain this apparent trend, since factors for suicide are obviously far too complicated.

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