In an ironic twist of incompatible name calling, Yale W. Fan will be attending Harvard University this coming fall. Fan’s actual first name is “Ye” in Chinese, but he ended up choosing his current English name due to similar phonetics. Understandably then, throughout his life he has constantly been peppered with the question, “Do you want to go to Yale?”
As a science researcher from Oregon, he didn’t initially consider Yale because he thought of it primarily as a law school. However, he eventually decided to apply there, and amazingly was accepted not only there, but at Princeton and Harvard as well. Faced with a tough choice to make, Fan chose to enroll as a student in the Harvard Class of 2014. He based his decision on Harvard’s flexible curriculum and the variety of opportunities available for students.

“If I constantly hear jokes about my name for four years,” Fan said to The Harvard Crimson about his quirky moniker, “it might not be funny anymore.”

People may continue to chuckle at a Yale Fan at Harvard, but Fan will be the one having the last laugh as he receives his education from one of the most sought-after and envied universities in the world. [via The Harvard Crimson]

Photo via The Harvard Crimson

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