As if you need more reasons to come out and enjoy chocolate, Mochi Magazine invites you to an exclusive chocolate tasting at ROYCE chocolate at Lady M in Bryant Park, New York City on Friday, July 19 from 7:15 pm to 9 pm to celebrate the launch of our Fearless issue and fifth year anniversary.
The new ROYCE store in Bryant Park is the third store in New York and in the United States. If you haven’t heard of ROYCE, it was established in Japan in 1983 and is most well-known for its luxe line of Nama chocolate, a creamy and smooth chocolate infused with other flavors, including Pierre Mignon champagne, Hennessy cognac, and maccha (green tea). What’s not to love?

I had the chance to speak to Maria Lucia Santiago, a store manager at the Bryant Park store location, about the new product they are launching to coincide with the store opening.

“We are very excited to introduce the Maccha Almonds as a perfect addition to the variety of products we sell in the United States. These are whole roasted almonds that are coated with chocolate infused with green tea. The crunchiness of the almonds complements the bittersweet taste of green tea chocolate,” says Santiago.

And if you’re not much of a chocolate fan but have a savory tooth, ROYCE’s Potato Chip Chocolate has the right combination of salty and sweet flavors. Here, crunchy potato chips are coated on one side with chocolate. Some flavors include chocolate caramel, cheese-flavored white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

“Our top three sellers are Nama Maccha, which is a chocolate ganache flavored with green tea and a touch of Cherry Marnier, Potato Chip Chocolate, and a tie between Nama Champagne, a milk chocolate flavored with Pierre Mignon champagne, and Nama Bitter, a dark chocolate with a touch Hennessy,” Santiago says.

Want us to keep going? Okay! Meet us on Friday, July 19 at the ROYCE store in Bryant Park. We’ll be serving complimentary drinks. In addition, all attendees will receive a sample of Aromaflage botanical perfume. Buy your tickets here today!

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