A few years ago, people thought eco-fashion was only for yoga-loving tree huggers who wore hemp shirts and organic cotton T-shirts with peace signs. The words “organic,” “sustainable” and “green” just didn’t carry the fashionable and trendy connotations that they do now — and luckily for Mother Nature, the blossoming of eco-fashion into mainstream society has resulted into many stylish offerings for fashionistas.

For example, award-winning designer Phillip Lim created an eco-friendly line of clothing called “GO GREEN GO” by Phillip Lim, sold at Barney’s. All of the pieces in this collection, ranging from checkered shirts to girlie cardigans, are made from natural cottons and organic silks. Even better, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sales of these pieces go to Al Gore’s The Climate Project, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the problems associated with climate change.

Vegan-chic clothing — made without any animals or by-products of animals — is popular with both vegans and non-vegans alike. Designer Stella McCartney, who has long been an animal-rights activist, has a line of high-end vegan accessories, such as handbags and shoes, which fuse together natural and manmade products. These pieces, from four-inch pumps to metallic hobo bags, are made with extremely high craftsmanship and can easily rival any python clutch or suede boot.

In addition to organic and vegan clothing, another way to be fashionably eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) is to shop at thrift, consignment and vintage stores. Recycled fashion doesn’t necessarily mean wearing your sister’s scraggly hand-me-downs after all. Not only is it more sustainable (no impact done to the environment) to shop for recycled fashion, but it is also very likely that you will find a gem or two in these musty racks that surpass anything you would find at the mall. One popular vintage clothing site that I’m obsessed with is Vintageous, where I’ve found fluffy ‘50s prom dresses and striking eyeglass frames at reasonable prices.

Fashion is always changing with the seasons — unfortunately, so is Mother Nature in unnatural and abrupt ways. So shop smart, shop eco-friendly and stay fashionable!

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