Getty ImagesA recent report shows the average national SAT scores for the high school class of 2009 dropped two points from last year. However, Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander students had a 13-point gain. While the national average was 1509 (out of 2400), the average for Asian American students was 1623.
Thinking back on my high school days, I’m not surprised at these statistics given how much attention and emphasis were placed on SAT scores among the Asian community in my town. Most Asian Americans in my school either had private SAT tutors, or were enrolled in SAT prep classes (filled with only Asian American students).

Not to say your ethnicity mainly determines how well you perform on standardized test scores (since everything from your genetics to your family’s income plays a role), but from my experience, I can say the Asian culture heavily defines success by scores and rankings. And judging from this report, it shows.

But we all know the worst part of it all is the education system itself — even if you get a perfect score on your SATs, what does it guarantee? Absolutely nothing. Does scoring low on the SATs mean you won’t get in any top colleges? Not at all. It’s all just a vicious scheme, really.

So though this report shows that Asian American students shine in standardized tests, it’s hardly a reliable measure of college acceptances — especially when the entire system for college admissions is a bit twisted to say the least.

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