20091104_matsui_1_560x375“Godzilla,” also known as Hideki Matsui, tore it up in Game 6 of the World Series last night, sealing the victory for the Yankees, who haven’t won since 2000. Matsui earned the MVP honor, becoming the first Asian as well as the first full-time designated hitter to win the MVP in the history of the World Series.
His six RBI during the game tied former Yankee Bobby Richardson’s record for the most RBI in a World Series game. The bat used by Matsui in Game 6 will be added to the baseball Hall of Fame, marking his unforgettable performance.

Though Matsui will be a free agent come 2010, hopefully he’ll be able to stay in his pinstriped uniform for at least another year. His performance last night sure proved his renowned hitting power and ability to deliver in the most crucial moments. “He’s been a clutch player ever since I met him,” Girardi said later. “This year, if he’d played regularly he’d have driven in 130 runs.”

For now, all Matsui needs to do is celebrate their remarkable victory and well-deserved 27th title. “I guess you could say it’s the best moment of my life,” Matsui said. Way to go out with a bang.

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