Yet another sign that Steve Jobs is going to rule the world: A recent survey at Stanford University has concrete proof of the emerging symptoms of iPhone obsession. According to their survey of 200 students, nearly half of them said they were “very or completely addicted” to their iPhones. Even weirder, 3 percent said they wouldn’t let anyone else touch their phone and 9 percent said they “have patted” their devices. Right. Moving on… the survey showed that iPhones held a much deeper meaning for many; they aren’t just mere devices used to make calls, listen to music, search the web, check e-mail and download apps—they are seen to be an extension of people’s minds and their identity. Though medical experts are still ambivalent about calling the iPhone addiction a medical disorder, most experts don’t think it’s unhealthy. People just happen to really love their phones. You’ve heard of “crackberry” and there is the term “iCrack” in Urban Dictionary, but that’s too unoriginal—so what do you think we should call this? [via Daily Intel]
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