18Upon walking into the Salon for the Tony Cohen show, you could tell the show was going to be a different from the rest. Black rose petals lined the runway and added a new dimension to the usually stark white surface. Once the show started, the choice of black rose petals became apparent, as dark and edgy styles came gliding toward us one after another.
The look had a gothic feel, instilled by the dark eye makeup and dark clothes. While it may seem like the sight of a dark angel to some, I found it to be a rather typical New York style, especially with the pairing of black on black, under more black. There were some neutral looks scattered among the darkness, but the only sign of color came in a sultry wine red.

Although the clothes were dark, there were distinct details in each garment. The jewel-embroidered leggings were a hit, as a majority of the guests simultaneously raised their cameras to get a shot of the look. Toward the end of the show, glamour began to take over goth, as the look shifted to a more sophisticated, edgy style. Dresses and gowns flowed behind the models, delicately moving with the wind.

Tony Cohen’s attention to detail in his F/W 2010 collection stood out from the rest, in the best way possible, making it a refreshing show to attend this week.

Watch the video of the Tony Cohen F/W 2010 runway show here:


Photos via Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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