DSC00350Modern working girls, rejoice. For the fall/winter season, designer Thuy Diep showed a wearable, professional wardrobe for those who mean business. The grounded collection featured utilitarian trench coats, decently sized handbags, and high-waisted skirts. Flowy dresses were belted to emphasize an hourglass figure (way more appropriate than baring cleavage or leg!) and colorful prints were paired with jewel-toned solids.
Thuy showed several versions of the updated power suit for today’s fashionable professionals in their 20s and 30s: a structured coat, mini skirt, tights and heels. However, the collection was nowhere near all work and no play. Whimsical elements were worth taking a second look at: tops were extravagantly embellished with crystals and large gems, and some models wore thick fur arm warmers that would have been perfectly suited to be marched off the runway and out into the snowy night.

The message was clear: the Thuy girl is one to be taken seriously. She’s strong, smart and in total control of her life—but that doesn’t mean she can’t make a fantastical fashion statement once in a while.

Photos by Mochi magazine

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  1. Vivian Luu says:

    Cool pieces! They’re full of attitude. Any link to the designer’s Web site?

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