I’m in love with kitchenware.  Ask my roommates, and they’ll tell you that I buy too many gadgets for our kitchen to hold – and our kitchen is huge.

During my recent attempt to clear out space for my new ice cream maker, I was reminded of “The gadget graveyard,” an article by Tim Hayward of The Guardian, describing common kitchen gadgets and appliances that are bought but rarely used, if ever.

As I purged through my kitchen, I came across certain items that clearly fit the categories Tim describes in his article.  Here is my list of kitchenware that seemed more decorative than useful.

“An Inexplicable Plastic Thing”

Indeed, I have one! I bought a microwave plastic contraption for poaching eggs a while ago, but it’s completely useless now that I’ve learned how to poach eggs by hand in a pot.  Oftentimes doing it manually is still easier.

“Various Coffee Makers”
My coffee maker at home is hardly used because I haven’t replaced the glass plunge pot yet. I also have a French coffee maker that I don’t use anymore.  Why haven’t I gotten around to using these?  This may sound shocking, but caffeine actually makes me feel sleepy.

“The Random Culinary Souvenir”

When I was in France, I bought a petite Madeleine pan because I love dipping those cake-like cookies in my lattes. I thought I was saving money by getting the smallest one, but the molds are so tiny that I baked only one batch when I needed to bake five more to get through the rest of the batter. Needless to say, I gave up on the pan.

“Garlic Tools”
I have this darn little garlic scraper that seemed like it would be quite useful.  It’s a small card with ridges that you can use to scrape the garlic until it becomes paste-like. Although great in theory, it fails in practice.

And other items in my “gadget graveyard”:

Julienne peeler.  I’ve used it once or twice, but I usually just end up cutting carrots and cucumber with a knife instead.  I really want to start using this more often especially since now that it’s summer, it’ll come quite handy when adding strips of carrot and jicama to salads.

Strawberry huller and melon baller. Again, I tend to immediately resort to using a knife for preparing strawberries and melons, but I will definitely use these appliances for my July 4th barbecue, to prepare a watermelon rind basket full of strawberries and melon balls.

Mortar and pestle. I thought I would use this more often for herb rubs, however, I usually just mince the herbs very finely instead, since I’m cutting them anyway.

Yolk separator. I barely use this; the old fashion way of using the eggshell to separate yolks is still much easier.  Who wants one more thing to wash anyway?

Cake holder. It’s great for transporting cakes, but it takes up so much space, considering it’s something I don’t need often.

Now it’s your turn Mochi readers: What’s been taking up precious space in your kitchen?

Photo by Tammy Hui

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