-1Looks like us girls are still doing better than boys in academics (as if I needed to tell you that). A recent article from USA Today confirmed that a gender gap continues to persist in colleges across the U.S., with women comprising 57 percent and men 43 percent of the student population. In fact, this gender imbalance has been going strong for the past decade. So why is it that there are more women in college than men (aside from the fact that we rock, of course)?According to Linda Sax, a professor in education at UCLA, one of the reasons for this disparity is that a higher percentage of low-income, minority males do not attend college as opposed to minority females. The common trend is that the lower the income, the larger the gender gap. In addition, a New York Times article entitled “At Colleges, Women are Leaving Men in the Dust,” delved into other issues like gender habits and social norms to determine why women might perform better and strive harder academically. For instance, women tend to care more about their G.P.A. and how their grades reflect on paper, and in two U.S. studies, men admitted that they tend to party more and study less than their female counterparts.
While both articles also mentioned the negatives of gender disparity and tried to address what colleges and men should do to decrease the gap, I think we can actually take major positives away from these statistics. They illustrate that we women are passionate about what we do, are more focused on the task at hand, and are unafraid to pursue our dreams. But like I mentioned before, you probably already knew that.

Photo from PAACA (Pennsylvania Child Care Association)

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