-1Fall 2010 Fashion Week is just around the corner and while we’re busy figuring out our show schedule, we want to take the time to share our excitement with all of you! Among the many designers showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from Feb. 11-18, one has caught our attention with a pre-show teaser. Custo Barcelona sent us some sketches from its F/W 2010 collection today (photos after the jump) and after seeing them, we’re really looking forward to seeing these styles brought to life.
As their press statement elaborates:

“ ‘The runway is where we experiment,’ says designer Custo Dalmau. Where other designers use fashion week to present trends for the upcoming season, we have always used fashion week as a venue for expressing artistic ideas and emotions. Dalmau further states, ‘we don’t play it safe, even in today’s economy.’ It is important for the company to continue providing our fans with what they have come to expect and love.

The graphics are based around dreamlike and surreal images like jewels, diamonds, lips, perfume bottles, butterflies and feathers. Each of these images is mixed with images that are more figurative and typical of Custo Barcelona. The colors of the gems also served as the color palette this season; black and pink diamonds, sapphires, turquoises, emeralds and amethysts are used alone or mixed together.”

The Custo Barcelona show is always full of excitement and this year sounds like no exception. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get an invite, they will be showing their collection at the Tent at Bryant Park on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 8 p.m. Also, make sure to stay tuned on Mochi’s blog for more fashion week updates and runway reviews in the coming weeks.

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