Most professional make-up artists would agree: the secret of cosmetic application lies in using the right colors, products and techniques suitable for you. As Asians, we have features that are uniquely ours. Thanks to our friends at The Estee Lauder Companies in Hong Kong, Mochi found the perfect person to answer our most pressing questions about Asian beauty.
Hong Kong celebrity make-up artist Gary Chung is the make-up director of Portfolio HK School of Professional Make-Up. He has glammed up models for everything from magazine covers to catwalks, and has worked at fashion shows, corporate events and weddings. You can find out more about Gary and his work by visiting

What eye shadow color palette works best on Asian skin tones and why?
Different shades are useful to achieve various looks and functions:

  • For de-puffing: shades of bronzes and grays work best for Asian eyes.
  • To combat a fatigued look: use shimmery lilacs and silvers to brighten tired, smaller eyes.
  • For versatility: browns are usually the most wearable color, but be careful because dark and matte browns can easily make the eye area look dirty and accentuate dark circles, if not applied properly.
  • For fun colors: I only use bright blues and greens for editorials and fashion shows and not so much on a daily basis.

What is one of your biggest secrets for Asian make-up application?
My biggest secret for Asian make-up application is using a thin eyeliner. A thick eyeline can make Asian eyes look smaller. To define Asian eyes, I recommend using a super fine-tipped eyeline brush, like Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner in Ink. It makes a clean, bright line that accentuates eyes nicely.

What is the biggest mistake most Asian girls make when applying make-up?
The biggest mistake I’ve seen is when girls use the wrong shades of concealer. To cover dark circles naturally, one should use a moisturizing product. When using concealer around the eye area, always remember to apply it to the darkest area first, then blend gently to the lash line and slowly outward until the concealer creates a perfect blended emulsion with the foundation. Finally, set it with a loose powder using a soft eyeshadow brush in a pressing motion.

What’s your favorite product dedicated to Asian features?
Japanese-made “liquid” compact; it looks like a compact powder and works like a creamy liquid foundation. It’s easy to use, covers well even without concealer, and usually has high SPF protection.

Any other advice to add?
Using the Japanese-made “eyelid glue” can make droopy and small eyes appear larger and well-rested. Please refer to the video below for further information on this eyelid glue. (Note: the demonstrator speaks in Japanese but the video itself is self-explanatory)