For the past few months there’s been ongoing buzz about Harvard student Jeremy Lin’s prospects in the upcoming NBA draft. Now, the high school Bhullar brothers are the latest Asian athletes to find themselves in the spotlight. Sim, 17, and Tanveer, 15, are Indian basketball players who grew up in Canada and currently attend the Kiski School in Saltsburg, PA. Both are over 7 feet tall—a rarity even in the current NBA. Older brother Sim has already been offered a full scholarship from West Virgina and has caught the attention of Duke. Stanford, USC, LSU, Florida State and other big schools have also expressed interest in both brothers.
With bodies that are literally built for basketball, it looks like these two may have a great shot at the NBA. From Jeremy Lin and the Bhullar brothers, to recently drafted football player Edward Wang—it seems like there are now more and more Asian athletes making noise in American sports. Now that’s something to root for.

Photo via solobasket