Photo: Yinghai83 via Flickr

Photo: Yinghai83 via Flickr

If you’re like me, then you’re a homebody. Most of your Facebook and Twitter posts go something like this: “Sitting on the couch eating food and watching The Bachelor. PERFECT!”— instead of, say, “If I’m not home by 5 a.m., someone call the cops. Party time!” I get you. In fact, I am you.

But it gets hard, doesn’t it? Sitting at home and watching reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond” isn’t fun every single weekend. We homebodies need exciting things to do in our free time, too. Here’s where this list comes in: Below are five fun things to do for the girl that loves her pajamas more than the party scene.

The “Friends and Food” Night
I can’t take all the credit for this first one. Props go to my friend Jennifer for suggesting that we combine our “Friends” nights and food nights. It’s just what it sounds like: watching the TV show “Friends” and making food with your pals. But there’s a catch to up the ante. All the food you make has to be from the show. Some gems we made last weekend include grilled cheese to commemorate Chandler’s yearly Thanksgiving dinner, Phoebe’s grandma’s cookies (really just the Nestle Tollhouse recipe), and a kiwi salad (with other tropical fruit) to acknowledge Ross’ allergy to the food. Of course, you can apply this idea to any of your other favorite shows, too.

The Museum Crawl
Yes, I did just type that. But you, dear reader, have to trust me! Museum crawls are cooler than you might think. Many museums have weekend specials or large group discounts. Some charge less money if you bring your school ID, and some are even free. The idea is to find the right playground for you and your friends. In the WindyCity, my friends and I like to start the day off at the Field Museum of Chicago for some dinosaur and ancient Egypt emersion. Then, we traverse on over to the Art Institute, where I like to visit Ivan Albright’s paintings as well as the Japanese Fashion exhibit. We end the day just up the road at the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery. Last tip: Galleries can be just as interesting and fun as the big museums!

 Photo: Craigsd via Flickr

Photo: Craigsd via Flickr

Jackson Pollock Day
Have you ever been angry, frustrated, or upset, but had no way to get all that emotion out? Allow me to introduce you to the Jackson Pollock Day, an at-home activity that I’m super excited about. The best way I can describe it is to recall that scene in “The Princess Diaries” where Mia’s mom is throwing darts at balloons filled with paint. Remember thinking, “Gosh! I want to do that!”? Well, here you go. You don’t need to buy darts and fill balloons with paint; simply throwing the paint can be fun. Set up your canvas or poster board outside or in the bathtub for easier clean-up—and use non-permanent paint! Once you have your workstation ready to go, get throwing. Try smudging the paint with your wrists, pouring it on to the canvas from different heights, doing the balloon-dart thing, or just closing your eyes and chucking it. It’s a creative, helpful, and fun way to get all that stress out—just don’t forget to wear clothes you don’t care about.

Scavenger Hunt
I have absolute faith that all you smart girls out there can handle this one. Make a scavenger hunt with your friends, have an impartial person write one for you, or find inspiration at hilarious websites like and Make sure teams are even and form a set of rules (i.e., what kind of transportation you’re allowed to use, how much money you can spend, and what time you need to be back). You don’t even need to leave your building; one of the best scavenger hunts I ever did was around my dorm room at Brown’s pre-college program with some random floormates.

The Soup Kitchen Night
One year, a few girls and I went to a soup kitchen called Inspiration Café with our homeroom adviser. We brought all kinds of food and helped cook meals for the kitchen’s patrons. There are two reasons I’m featuring this. First is that there’s no better feeling than knowing you have made someone’s day a little better. Second, I bonded with the other homeroom girls as we worked. We laughed until our stomachs hurt when Easton almost slipped, and they all had a good go at me when I forgot to add the flour to the cake mix. But, we made it through in the end, gave a lot of great people a good meal, and became much closer in the process. If you want a fun way to bond with your friends while helping others, try this.

Former Mochi cover girl Katie Chang is an actress who plays ringleader Rebecca in Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring,” which debuted recently at Cannes.

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