Last week, we saw how Marie Claire’s article on “Asian trophy wives” incited reactions among the blogosphere, and it led us to wonder how the younger generation of Asian American teens and young adults reacted to this article’s spotlight on interracial couples. We turned to Mochi staffers and friends to get insight on this article from the viewpoints of young Asian American girls and guys.
“There are dangers we risk in running with this article: putting too much emphasis on the importance of race in relationships, fostering ill-will toward our own community (how could she be okay being a trophy wife?!), or making girls overly paranoid about their relationships. Just because a white guy has an Asian girlfriend doesn’t mean he has ‘yellow fever’ — and I don’t think it’s healthy to always be suspecting this.” —   Christine Wei, deputy editor

“The fact that the article brings to light something that perhaps the public hasn’t really been outwardly acknowledging is very brave. The only time I had heard the term ‘yellow fever’ was when I got to college, and even now I feel like I’m only comfortable talking about that concept with close friends. I get the sense that the topic is sort of a taboo, since it kind of gives off a bad impression of both the guy and the girl involved. But having the article put out this concept in the open is a good thing for the Asian teenage population, because there is definitely this perception of Asian women that they should be aware of.” —   Jessica Wen, health blogger

“Everything Ying brings up does exist, but the truth is that many modern biracial relationships are based on compatibility and love rather than fetishes and stereotypes — even when the couples in question are famous. Sorry if that doesn’t make for an exciting article, but let’s judge case by case instead of lumping all of these women’s private lives together. If being Asian means I can’t date a white guy without people suspecting that something funny is going on, I wouldn’t want to be Asian — thankfully, it doesn’t, and that’s where Ying’s article falls short.” — Angela Chen, blogger

And here are some viewpoints from Asian American guys on Marie Claire’s article:

“I don’t really understand why interracial couples are so scrutinized. There are stereotypes to each race and assumptions that can be made, but is it really such a big deal if two people of different races decide to get together?… It’s ignorant to assume that all white men go after Asian women for the same reasons. In my opinion, their relationship is the same as a couple where the man is white and the woman is Asian, or if both the man and woman are white or Asian. There is no reason for such a taboo to exist around a couple’s race.” — Alexander Liang, fashion market director

“I actually agree with this article. There are a lot of Asian girls who are submissive and white guys like that. I think ‘the fever’ is in these days.” — Arthur Lee, George Washington University student

“I think maybe it’s not so much the difference in race but the difference in age that makes the situation seem strange to me. When you see an old guy with a young girl, you can’t help but think that one or both parties has some ulterior motive for the relationship.” — Chris Kwan, Boston University student

What are your reactions? Do you agree or disagree with those we’ve spoken to?