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In my lifetime, I have loved, lost, crushed, and obsessed like many other girls have. Many tears and a million heartbreaks later, I think I have it figured out. No matter whose fault it is or how complex the situation, the following tried-and-true methods are what heal a broken heart:

1.    Let it out. I started crushing on guys at the tender age of 4. I found them fascinating. I can’t say they felt the same way about me, but that didn’t stop me. A glutton for punishment, I was always left disappointed. After some time, I realized that I could pull through the hurt by writing. I penned many great lyrics, and, along with a heart-wrenching song, I created an outlet to release the emotions. So whether you choose to write, talk to a friend, or blog about it (privately if ranting), get the feelings out and hear yourself say it – whether on paper or outloud. Pent-up emotion is never healthy, and just like a good cry, letting it out can make you feel fifty times better.

2.    Hang out with your friends, but not with an ex, crush, or potential love interest, no matter how good their compliments make you feel. I have to admit that I am a true Leo: I love the spotlight and drama, and usually put myself in situations to invite attention – and have been hurt in the rebound process. Don’t do it. There’s a good chance that your friends and family miss you, and because you’re used to being invested in a serious relationship, transferring that dedication toward your other relationships can be good for everyone. You can still have your dinner dates and social outings – and the best part is that they will be with people who truly love you.

3.    Do something you love. Passion is everything. My refuge is the volleyball court – nothing calms me like the rhythmic thuds of a volleyball, and, of course, the endorphins don’t hurt. Find your passion: If you’re a singer, sing; if you’re a dancer, dance; if you’ve always wanted to learn to cook, go for it.

4.    Make someone happy. When I’m upset, I often end up with a new wardrobe from my second home, the mall. But more important is what I have done for others. I once made my best friend a book for his birthday with a 20-page poem detailing our history with meaningful pictures. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he received it. To this day, I have never been disappointed by doing something nice for someone. Making a difference in someone’s day may just be the best pick-me-up ever.

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