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As college students, weekdays consist of endless readings and papers, followed by long nights of partying and dancing. Before you know it, your mind and body are over-worked and far from being relaxed. We talked to acupuncturist Dr. Park Suk Jun for tips on how to relieve some common effects of stress inside your dorm room—for free.

Whether at home or in class, I am always staring into the screen of my laptop or phone. Recently, I discovered that I constantly rub my eyes because of increased eye fatigue. Here’s how to cure tired eyes.

  1. Rub hands together until they warm up.
  2. Lightly cover your eyes by resting palms on top of the eyes.
  3. Close your eyes and lightly apply pressure to your brow area for a minute.
  4. Massage skin by drawing small circles near the inner corners of your eyes.

When we don’t give our bodies the proper rest it needs, we become fatigued. Here’s how to quickly revitalize a drowsy body.

  1. Place all fingers on the top of hairline.
  2. While applying light pressure, massage from the center to behind the ears.
  3. Repeat 3-5 times.
  4. Bring right arms across to left shoulder.
  5. Use the left hand to press your right elbow and stretch.
  6. Repeat with the left arm on your right shoulder.

Running around campus all day and dancing in heels all night can cause tired, sore feet. Here’s how to put some pep back into your step.

  1. Apply lotion to feet.
  2. With the thumb and index finger, make circular motions on each heel.
  3. With both hands, gently and slowly massage from the toes to the heel.
  4. Slide thumb from down upward along the bottom of the foot while applying pressure.

The headache is the most common symptom of stress for most students. Rather than relying on medications that alleviate short-term pain, tackle the problem for good with these easy techniques.

  1. Place hands on top of the head.
  2. Lightly push and shift fingers across the skull.
  3. Press and repeat.
  4. With index and thumb, pull the ear lightly backwards.
  5. With the same fingers, gently squeeze the ear.
  6. Place them on the earlobe and gently pull them downward and release.

Excess stomach acids resulting from increased anxiety and stress can trigger indigestion. Relieve stomachaches in one step.

  1. Rub hands in a repeated circular motion on the stomach. The warm energy from your hands will massage your intestines and stomach.

Bonus: Massages not only help relieve stress, but can also improve concentration.

  1. Place your third finger next to the nose.
  2. Push gently upward until the corner of the inner eyes.
  3. Count to five.
  4. Rub hands together to warm.
  5. Using your index fingers, rest them on the temples and gently press and rub.
  6. Move fingers in a counter-clock motion.

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