Happy Earth Month! Who says being green ain’t easy? Sure, recycling your soda cans and water bottles do the earth some good, but here are a few more ways to take your green footprint a step farther. Over the last few years, crowdfunding has taken off and allowed some of the most innovative business makers to, well, make their mark. Some have produced pioneering, innovative products in the market, such as affordable 3D printers to quirky products like ostrich pillows, which help you take comfortable naps on the plane, at your office desk, and wherever you are. 

BlackboxCase – Looking for a new case for your Macbook or iPad? These light, durable cases are handcrafted and made from solid red oak hardwood. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, these sleek and sturdy cases are better than lugging around a 60-pound backpack that may or may not damage your computer.

NanoLight – Here’s an innovative tool that will light up your world. NanoLeaf (formerly known as NanoLight) has created light bulb that uses only 12 watts of electricity but produces over 1600 lumens–that’s as bright as an incandescent light bulb that uses 100 watts. These studded bulbs also have a stylish appeal to them, creating a modern and chic setting.

ANI(As Nature Intended) Shoes – These vegan-friendly canvas shoes for men and women are made of 100% organic canvas and recycled packaging. And for every pair of ANI shoes you buy, another pair will be donated to someone in need as part of their partnership with Soles4Souls.

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