Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I had difficulty accepting my monolids, but now that I have learned how to truly embrace them, I have so much fun playing with different liners, shadows, and products to play up my looks. If you’re looking for new makeup products or tips to help you accentuate your monolids, here are my top picks: 

A creamy pencil liner is essential for applying rich, dense color around your upper eyelid. I can’t live without  ($18). The shade is a deep plum that looks almost black but adds subtle, unexpected color to my eyes to make them look more interesting. I trace my top lashline with it, creating a thick line. For me, this pencil almost functions as an eyeshadow, especially when I add a thin line of black liquid liner, like Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes Precise Design Liquid Liner ($5.99), to my lashline.

Tightlining is also a great secret to drawing attention to the eyes. I call this the “no liner with eyeliner look.” Lining your inner lid with Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Liner ($22) guarantees the appearance of more lush lashes. Just be sure to cover the skin between your lashes too for a more defined look. I usually stick with the top, but on days I’m feeling extra dramatic (or am a couple minutes ahead of schedule) I’ll line the bottom waterline too.

Although eye shadows are my kryptonite (despite hours of experimenting, I’m still uncomfortable creating looks with traditional shadows), I like to use them to add a little depth or drama to my eyes. I dust a shimmery beige shadow like Lancome’s Color Design Shadow in Off the Rack ($19) all over my eyelid up to my brow bone in a windshield-wiper motion to highlight. Using an angled liner brush, I also trace the edge of my liner in a shadow of a similar color, like Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Eye Shadow in Amazing Grey ($21) to soften harsh edges and create a smokier look.

Well-defined lashes complete any eye makeup look. I curl my lashes with Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler ($20) before and after applying mascara. I clamp the curler at the base of my lashes and turn it upward to make my stick-straight lashes curl. Afterwards, I pump the curler along the length of my lashes. Every day, I like Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara ($16), which provides enough definition to remind the world that my short lashes exist while remaining low-key. L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara ($8.99) is great for an extra dose of drama and helps fake fullness. I always apply an extra coat at the edge of my lashes (closer to my ear) and at the middle to open my eyes. I also drag the wand towards my nose.

How do you work with your monolids? Share your own beauty tips here.

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