We hear a lot about how the sun’s rays can damage your skin, but most of us don’t realize it harms our hair, too. Ultra-violet (UV) rays are so powerful that they can burn through hair cuticles, making strands more brittle and dry. They can also mess with your natural hair color. This summer, protect your gorgeous tresses with hair products that contain SPF and have sun-protective filters.
Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($26) is a lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that helps protect your hair from color damage and dryness for up to 16 hours. Rene Furterer’s Repairing After-Sun Shampoo ($23) is just one of an entire line of sun-protection hair care. Lather your hair with this refreshing, palm-buttered shampoo that returns moisture and softness to your hair after a day in the sun. Have color-treated hair? Try Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner ($19). This conditioner has a UV-protective filter and is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E, B5, and B6. It helps extend hair color but also moisturizes and keeps hair smooth.

There are also many other sun-protective hair products you can find at your local drugstore, but like skincare, it’s just a matter of taking time to find the right product for your hair.

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