If your makeup bag is often the heaviest thing in your suitcase, follow these simple tips to cut down what you bring while still maintaining your beauty routine on the road.

1. Let your products multi-task

There is no doubt that bringing one product instead of two will save you space. But, in addition to conventional dual-use products such as makeup removing cleansers or two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, here are some others products to check out. Try using Vaseline as both a lip balm and eye makeup remover. You may need a towel to help remove the jelly, but it’s effective. Lipsticks or tinted lip balms can be used for a pop of color on the cheeks instead of blush—or the other way around. Apply clear lip balm or Vaseline and use a clean eye shadow brush to lightly tap a layer of powder blush onto your lips. Finally, conditioner can work as a shaving cream—just be sure you rinse your razor out carefully afterwards.

2. Use samples

Stores like Sephora offer samples for all of their skin and hair care products that can last for multiple uses, often just enough for the duration of a short trip. Specialty stores such as Kiehl’s also offer generous sample packets for nearly all of their products in stores—one sample of their Avocado Eye Cream is approximately 1/3 of the full sized jar. Samples also prevent potential spills from the occasionally poorly screwed-on top.

3. Leave tools at home

Ditch bulky hairstyling tools like your straightener or blow-dryer. Braid wavy bangs to the side, or leave curly hair in a bun, while you sleep and slowly pull it out to get a bouncy ponytail. Even skincare tools such as exfoliating face brushes can be substituted with a simple microfiber or exfoliating towel.

4. Go with powder

Powder versions of everyday beauty products comply with airport security regulations.  Dry shampoo doesn’t even require water to use. Simply tap it into the roots of your hair and brush it out. If you’re really in a stitch, use loose powder that you would normally use over foundation for a similar effect—it will absorb some of the oil in your hair.

5. Eliminate liquids completely

Products such as makeup-removing towelettes and sunscreen wipes are specifically formulated to be portable, disposable and easy to use. Luckily enough, they don’t quite have enough liquid in them to be tossed out at security check. Be sure to also check out self-tanning wipes for a travel-safe glow.

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