A little shaping goes a long way–-changing the shape of your eyebrows can instantly enhance your features. But before start tweezing away haphazardly, use our handy guide to figure out what eyebrow shape flatters you the most.


Face shapeTypical featuresSuggestionEffects
  • Wider forehead compared to the chin
  • High cheekbones
Low arch
Flatter eyebrows will compliment a shorter face. Keep the arch as low as possible to enhance your features.
  • Plump cheeks
  • Full face shaped like a circle
High arch
High-arched eyebrows will give the illusion of a narrower face. This will help a round face look sharper by giving width and expression to the eye.
  • Prominent jaw line
  • Solid bone structure
  • Flat cheekbones
  • Wide forehead

Strong arch with rounded end

High-arched brows elongate a square face. The rounded end makes the face look smoother.
  • Elongated appearance
  • Prominent chin
Flat eyebrows
Flat eyebrows will make the face appear shorter by giving more width. Be careful to not extend the eyebrows past the end corners of the eyes.


There are various ways to create the perfect eyebrow shape. Depending on how dramatic you want to look, pick the approach that best suits you.

Trimmers: This tool is perfect for grooming long hairs and achieves a neater appearance without any removal of hair.

Tweezers: The most commonly used eyebrow shaping equipment are tweezers. It is perfect for removing stray hairs.

Eyebrow wax: There are both hot and cold waxes that remove hair. This can be hard to control, however it is a quick way to create a new eyebrow shape. Sensitive skin may also be irritated by the method.

Eyebrow stencils: Stencils are available in many shapes. These are pre-waxed strips which are easy to apply. Be sure to pick the right shapes

Thread: Eyebrow threading can groom eyebrows without causing any pain to the skin. The thread is twisted and rolled along the hair of the eyebrows resulting in a very straight eyebrow line.

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