I read this article today about a Laguna Beach doctor who is close to finalizing a laser surgery that could permanently change brown eye color to blue. The laser is tuned to remove pigment from the surface of the iris, which reveals blue underneath.

I’m already a little freaked out by a lot of eye-related trends—surgery to give you eyelids, pupil-enlarging contacts and colored contacts, to name a few. One of the things that bugged me the most about “Memoirs of a Geisha” was the geisha’s blue eyes. What?? How many blue-eyed Japanese women do you see walking around? I know an Indian girl who wears blue contacts, and while it is a striking look for her, it’s clearly not a part of who she is. What’s so wrong with brown eyes, anyway? To me, the most beautiful aspect of people is their eyes. They’re seductive and come in a range of colors and shades (and, yes, I sound like I’m talking about nail polish), but it saddens me to see so many girls mess around with a physical feature that’s more than perfectly good.

I’m bombarded with so much media that emphasizes the blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian ideal, and as an Asian, it can sometimes be a struggle to look in the mirror and see beauty in what’s mine, especially if what’s mine is generally overlooked as being blah or “bad.” Here’s food for thought: What hair and eye color do movie villains/bitches almost always have? Right. What worries me is that this new laser surgery takes “optical cosmetic alteration” (a term I just coined) a step further than contacts trends by adding in the factor of permanency. It’s a commitment that, unlike a tattoo, you can’t easily remove or hide.

As a disclaimer, I’m taking five cultural anthropology classes this semester, so it’s possible I’m just on my everything-is-culturally-insensitive soapbox. Still, I can only hope this doesn’t turn into the cool, costly thing for Asian girls to do. What are your thoughts?