I read this article today about a Laguna Beach doctor who is close to finalizing a laser surgery that could permanently change brown eye color to blue. The laser is tuned to remove pigment from the surface of the iris, which reveals blue underneath.

I’m already a little freaked out by a lot of eye-related trends—surgery to give you eyelids, pupil-enlarging contacts and colored contacts, to name a few. One of the things that bugged me the most about “Memoirs of a Geisha” was the geisha’s blue eyes. What?? How many blue-eyed Japanese women do you see walking around? I know an Indian girl who wears blue contacts, and while it is a striking look for her, it’s clearly not a part of who she is. What’s so wrong with brown eyes, anyway? To me, the most beautiful aspect of people is their eyes. They’re seductive and come in a range of colors and shades (and, yes, I sound like I’m talking about nail polish), but it saddens me to see so many girls mess around with a physical feature that’s more than perfectly good.

I’m bombarded with so much media that emphasizes the blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian ideal, and as an Asian, it can sometimes be a struggle to look in the mirror and see beauty in what’s mine, especially if what’s mine is generally overlooked as being blah or “bad.” Here’s food for thought: What hair and eye color do movie villains/bitches almost always have? Right. What worries me is that this new laser surgery takes “optical cosmetic alteration” (a term I just coined) a step further than contacts trends by adding in the factor of permanency. It’s a commitment that, unlike a tattoo, you can’t easily remove or hide.

As a disclaimer, I’m taking five cultural anthropology classes this semester, so it’s possible I’m just on my everything-is-culturally-insensitive soapbox. Still, I can only hope this doesn’t turn into the cool, costly thing for Asian girls to do. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Andre' Jeanpierre says:

    Hi Malia,
    First time reader, first time commenter, hehe.
    There’s a variety of things out there that people would label into the taboo category. The problem with the social structure, or the human condition for that matter, is we strive to perfect ourselves at no end. There’s this constant need better ourselves, evolve, progress; yet where does the line get drawn and to whom does this decision fall?
    There was a very interesting article I read some months back about a controversial plastic surgeon by the name of Joe Rosen. He coined the idea that he could graft wings onto a humans body. Not only that, but also mentioned the ideal that if one were to have wings, he/she would evolve on a mental state to that of a winged brain or mentality.
    The lesson endith here, mankind will continue to see imperfections within itself and will thus strive to correct them. Be it breast augmentations, elf shaped ears, split tongs, or optical cosmetic alterations(has a ring to it), I for one am accepting of this form of individualism and expression. As for Asian girls embracing this as the new ‘it’ thing, I don’t foresee this being a problem, but should it happen, I’d still see the girl; the eyes would just be one part of who she was…either way, I find Asian women (amongst various other cultures) rather attractive, and I don’t feel this new laser treatment will be likely to change that.

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