Now that it’s officially summer, it’s high-time to revamp your wardrobe—just don’t forget the bathroom counter as well. Here are a few tips to stay fresh on hot summer days.
1) Get rid of oil-based products. As the days get warmer, your skin will naturally produce more oil. Oil from your skincare products will not be absorbed as easily and will just sit on top of your skin and look shiny. You don’t necessarily have to go oil-free (that may be too harsh for more sensitive or dry skin) but look for a more water-based makeup remover, such as Lancome Effacil ($26, or Caudalie Cleansing Water ($26, For lightweight moisturizers, try Clinique’s acclaimed Daily Dramatic Moisturizing Lotion ($24,, which absorbs quickly and leaves no shine.

2) Ditch the heavy creams. Like oil, heavy creams are more difficult for your skin to absorb in the hotter weather, and will often just sit on top of the skin. Switch from heavy eye creams to lightweight but still moisturizing eye serums, such as Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream ($25.50, or Boots No7 Time Resisting Day and Night Eye Cream ($17.99, Put away the cold creams for the non-oily makeup removers mentioned above. Change out your cream-based face washes for gel face washes, such as Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash ($7, drugstores), which removes makeup, grime and oil without drying out your skin.

3) SPF. If you haven’t already incorporated sunscreen into your skincare routine, this is the time to do so. Make sure you have a SPF lotion, such as Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 ($8, drugstores), and SPF in your lip balm as well. Burts Bees Res-Q Lip Balm SPF ($4, drugstores) is both natural and popular. ChapStick also comes in varying degrees of SPF, from SPF 4 Cherry Chapstick to Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF 30.

Summer days, here we come.

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