Let’s face it. It happens to everyone: You want a fresh hairstyle for the new school year and realize your new hair-do is a major hair don’t. What can you do when your anticipated perfect haircut turns out to be downright hideous? Follow these easy tips to look fabulous in no time!

Be optimistic

First of all, don’t panic. Hair will eventually grow back. Keep reassuring yourself because a pessimistic attitude won’t help.

Be brave

Go to the store and buy hair product that will keep strays away. Scoop a small amount and rub between your hands before applying it to dry hair. After spreading it over you hair, start styling – be creative!


If hair wax isn’t your thing, try hair accessories instead. They never go out of style and you can always switch them up – whether you’re using hair bands or cute clips, your hairstyle will never look dull. If hats are up your alley, try a trendy fedora or beanie to spruce up your look.

Get your hair back

If you’re still not happy with your hair, there is always something to fall back on – hair extensions! If professional hair salons are too much for your budget, try clip-on extensions. Find the right shade that matches your hair color. Straight or curly, it’s up to you. In no time, your hair will be long and luscious once again.

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