Courtesy Brandie Raasch

Courtesy Brandie Raasch

If you think it’s ridiculous to cough up $25 just to check your luggage onto a plane, learn these quick tips to get rid of all the extra baggage. Our packing guide will show you how to avoid the additional fees, so you can spend that cash on souvenirs instead.

Leave behind what’s not needed
The most common packing mistake is bringing more items than necessary. Check the weather at your destination before you leave so that you know exactly what to expect. It’s okay to bring one extra jacket—the plane can get cold sometimes—but don’t overdo it. Going on a relaxing hike or somewhere adventurous? Leave the heels behind! You can also bring a travel-sized version of your must-have products and leave the rest behind. You won’t be using all 16 ounces of your body lotion when you’re only gone for a week.

Save room
Most of the time, it’s not a matter of whether you are bringing too much, but how you bring it. Don’t pay for empty spaces in your luggage. Start with your clothes, which can be packed “pancake style” rather than folded. This means that you lay your outfits out on top of one another. If you must, fold once in half, but no more than that! Extra space can also be found in your tennis shoes and purses, which are perfect for holding socks and camera chargers.

Double up
Beauty products can often be used for multiple purposes. Body wash can double as face wash, black eye shadow works just as well as eyeliner when applied carefully, and workout shoes can often be worn during the day. If you are only going to use something once, be innovative and see if you are already bringing something that could substitute for that item. For more tips, check out our beauty guide on traveling with your favorite products.

Once you’ve minimized as much as possible, make sure you have what you actually need—our list of travel essentials has you covered.

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