While you’ll find lots of rising talent playing at local bars and cafes or competing on shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice,” there’s a huge crop of young, up-and-coming musicians waiting to be discovered on YouTube (a la Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen). One of those musicians is Gerald Ko, also known as singindork888 to his subscribrs, who is a full-time pharmacist by day and a YouTube sensation at night. Outside of his 9-to-5 day job, he writes original music and has collaborated with other artists, like Arden Cho, Jason Chen, Clara C, and Jasmine Rafael. We caught up with Ko to learn more about his upcoming projects:

MochiMag: How do you balance your full-time job as a pharmacist with YouTube?

Gerald Ko: Actually, it’s really tough to balance YouTube because my full-time job takes priority, which is why I’ve uploaded a video every other month. I would definitely recommend doing full-time one or the other, instead of trying to balance. It ends up basically taking a toll on both!

MM: How do you go about writing your original songs? Where do you find inspiration for them?

GK: I am not a very structured songwriter and am still hoping to truly learn more about the process. I usually write off of ideas/experiences or thoughts that randomly come to mind. Sometimes I might spend time empathizing with someone else’s experience and write a song based on that. But overall, I can’t really call myself a true songwriter. I have never really been happy with anything I’ve written so far.

MM: Did you find it difficult being the only Asian in your school?

GK: Yes, I would say that it was not as easy fitting in during my childhood. I also moved many times during elementary school, which didn’t help. There were definitely a lot of racist kids, but then again, we were kids and I learned not to take things too personally. I think school-aged kids are naturally more open and willing to say exactly what they think whether it’s offensive or not, and I’m sure I did the same thing right back at them! Looking back, I am still grateful for all the experiences during my school years.

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