Beloved female superstars the Wonder Girls will be appearing again in American entertainment in the near future. Later this year, they will begin filming for a TeenNick movie temporarily titled “Wonder Girls at the Apollo.” The movie will feature the Wonder Girls in singing/dancing competition against School Gyrls, an all-girl group under Nick Cannon’s entertainment agency. I think this will be interesting to see because of the juxtaposition between an Asian girl group and an American girl group. I wonder if there will be any stylistic differences in their singing and dancing?

Not only will they have the film together, but both groups will also be collaborating on a joint music album. It’s so coincidental that the groups’ names even sound the same—talk about a true crossover project! I can’t wait to hear how these two groups sound together on the album. And though I’m actually more of a Disney Channel fan than TeenNick, I think I’ll change my allegiances just to catch this movie when it premieres next year.