I’m a new Gleek, so when I heard there was a 3-D concert movie coming out, I was skeptical. Not because I don’t absolutely adore Glee and want to be on its cast and sing and dance next to my favorite Asian guy Harry Shum Jr., but I’m just not a huge fan of 3-D. One of my friends wanted to go, and I had never been to a concert movie—so I wondered if it was going to be worth my $13.

Thankfully, it was a lot better than I expected. If you’ve seen the live concert tour already, there’s really no point in going, but if you didn’t, this is a good alternative. In 3-D, everyone looks crystal clear, and you feel like you’re part of the audience but with a substantially better view. The 3-D and acoustics of the theater made the music and the performances a lot more enjoyable. The cast was in character, so there are hilarious backstage scenes where they banter about existing rivalries. And they have the most adorable mini-Warbler scene too, with the cute Asian boy that rose to YouTube fame with his rendition of “Teenage Dream” in full suit and over-sized tie.

It is disappointing that Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) was barely on-screen. Near the end for a solo part, the camera zooms in on her, but that’s it. Harry Shum Jr. got far more camera attention, even though on the show, he gets far fewer lines. Though his “Glee” role is minor now, it’s been promised that won’t be the case for the new season, and I can see why—the camera loves him. It’s probably because of his silent-but-deadly on-screen charisma and dancer enthusiasm. Oh, and his dashing good looks. Yes, I said dashing.

If you have a spare $13 to use, go watch this, but for the amount of money you spend to watch what is essentially a collection of live performances, it takes a true Gleek to believe it’s worth it.

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