Wonder Girls fans in Asia are finally getting to see the pop group return to their hometown of Seoul, but from the comfort of their own living rooms. A tourism commercial for the South Korean city featuring the girls (filmed in both Korean and Mandarin) was recently released and is set to air throughout the continent. It was recorded while the Wonder Girls were promoting their single, “2 Different Tears,” in Asia.

Since they debuted in early 2007, the Wonder Girls have made marks with three consecutive hit titles: “Tell Me,” “So Hot” and “Nobody.” Definitely not nobodies, they’ve told the world that they’re so hot and here to stay—especially after being the first Korean group to be listed in the Billboard Hot 100 with “Nobody” in 2009.

Despite joining the Jonas Brothers on a world tour, the Wonder Girls have made fewer stops to Asia than fans would like. With the airing of this new commercial and a brief tour hiatus, their return (both on- and off-screen) to Asia comes as a relief to loyal fans, marking not just the end of a long tour season, but also long-awaited homecoming.



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