It’s not very often one attends a concert to find a group of musicians so passionately immersed in an emotional performance that they are, at times, playing with their eyes closed—allowing themselves to soak in the great vibes right alongside their audience. In a music industry newly dominated with synthesized and auto-tuned playboy and playgirl demi-music, Tim Be Told has chosen honest emotion to give their music the zang many artists these days can’t get without outrageous outfits, exotic piercings or by featuring Lil’ Wayne.
The band, fresh off a drive from their home state of Virginia, took up their instruments last Saturday night at Ibiza Nightclub in Seattle, under the deep red glow of the stage lighting. Their emotional set included a song arranged on acoustic guitar by guitarist Andrew Chae and the lead singer/keyboardist, Tim Ouyang, about Ouyang’s recent and ongoing struggle to maintain his well-being and spirituality through a long bout of health challenges. The song followed an upbeat rendition of “Halo” by Beyoncé in which the band outperformed the multi-millionaire diva, tenfold.

Tim Be Told would label itself a pop/rock/soul band. But it became evident less than five minutes into their set that regardless of drummer Jim Barredo and bassist Parker Stanley’s phenomenal pop-driven skills, they are not a pop group. And regardless of the powered, mind-bending guitar and Vox performances from Luan Nguyen and Chae, they shouldn’t really be called a rock group either. The fact is, Tim Be Told creates music from the soul. Their genuine, emotional dedication to their music doesn’t just hope for, but downright requires the pulling of the audience’s heartstrings. A word of advice to Tim Be Told: don’t change a thing. And as far as those heartstrings go, pull to your hearts’ content.

For info about upcoming Tim Be Told tour dates, click here. Also check out their latest music video and free music download link for their song, “Analyze,” below.


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