This Sunday, we celebrate the fall equinox, which signifies not only a change in weather and time, but in our everyday lives. Perhaps you started a semester at school, got a new job, have been assigned to a different project, or are seeking change. This week, we got a dose of change with Nina Davuluri being the first Indian American crowned Miss America and responding to racist comments about not being “American” enough. Here’s what else you might have missed:
Elle creative director Joe Zee will be hosting a special series called Revealing: Extravagance on the Sundance Channel, examining different levels of why we’re all obsessed with lavish, brand-name goods. We all confess to how gaga we went for Philip Lim for Target collection. [The Cut]

And while we all patiently wait to find out who gets cast in Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book Crazy Rich Asians, which recently got picked up by Nina Jacobson, producer of the Hunger Games, to turn into a movie, here are some leading Asian American ladies who have defied all stereotypes and typecasting with diverse roles and characters. [Buzzfeed]

How do you feel about journalist Julie Chen revealing that she got plastic surgery done to get ahead in her career? Chen admitted that her boss at Dayton, OH at age 25 made her feel insecure about her eyes when he or she said her heritage was hindering her success. While plastic surgery in Asia has become the norm, Mochi staffer Nicole Chiang shares her story about embracing her monolids.

New York Fashion Week may be over, but Fashion Week isn’t just a week; it’s more like a month. With renowned designers showing in London, Paris, and Milan, the fashion madness is far from over. As a tribute to the thousands of fashion week photos and videos on Instagram, Vogue shot its first Instagram photo shoot, using nothing but an iPhone (with filters, of course!). Here, model Xiao Wen Ju strolls the streets of Chinatown for #wednesdaybreakmyheart.  [Vogue]

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