Time is running out, but we’re pumped to see that there are THREE Asians in this year’s annual Cosmopolitan Bachelor Contest. It’s a huge honor for any good looking, well-rounded guy. Only one bachelor is picked to represent each state in the U.S. (plus D.C., and this year there are brothers in Montana). His photos and profiles are printed in the November issue of the magazine and are online as well. This year, we are so happy to see some Asian sensations in the form of Washington, Georgia, and Connecticut. Hot stuff, these men.
Head on over to Cosmopolitan’s website to vote one (just one!) your favorite and to help him win the title of Bachelor of the Year–and to win $10,000! But make haste. Voting ends THIS Thursday (tomorrow!) at 6 a.m. sharp. So, go, go! And rally your friends too. Because who doesn’t love a shirtless man, at the end of the day?

Photo Credit: Magic Liwanag 

0 Replies to “Let’s Get An Asian Named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year!”

  1. Disappointed says:

    Mochi Mag’s tag line used to be empowering Asian American “teenage girls”. Now it’s “empowering young Asian American women”. It realizes that to promote Cosmopolitan magazine’s more sensational meat market style objectification of men, it is no longer appropriate to stick to its original mission of empowering teenage girls. I guess it wants to target a wider readership by promoting smut under the guise of empowering young Asian women. I once introduced Mochi to my teenage girls as a good place to check out what outstanding Asian American people are doing in all walks of life. Now, I don’t know how I can honestly ask my daughters to read this and “vote”, even if it is for Asian American men.

  2. Steph says:

    @dbfe9a1281d0818368ab2e44c2beb363:disqus Thanks so much for your comment and feedback, which we will take into consideration when planning future stories. As for the tagline, we put up a note about why we decided to change our tagline here: We hope you’ll continue to read Mochi and share it with your daughters when you deem appropriate!

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