0007fNot long ago we asked if John Cho was the face of Asian American men in the media and now, with a spread in GQ and his own television show come fall, the answer is most definitely, yes.
When’s the last time an Asian American had his own feature and spread in a major magazine? Here’s Cho in six pages of glory, modeling double-breasted suits.

When’s the last time an Asian American starred in a major network television show? Here’s Cho headlining the show ABC is pushing as the new “Lost.”

Cho will be co-starring in ABC’s new fall drama, “FlashForward.” The premise is that for two minutes and 17 seconds the entire population of the earth blacks out and sees a vision of themselves six months in the future. The FBI, including Cho’s character Detective Demetri Noh, investigates the cause and meaning of this phenomenon, while Noh himself struggles with a secret: he saw nothing during the blackout, leading him to fear that he may be dead in six months’ time. Let’s hope his suspicions are unfounded; surely ABC wouldn’t deprive us of Cho that quickly.

With talks of a possible third “Harold and Kumar” film and “FlashForward” as one of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the fall, Cho’s continuously breaking new grounds for Asian American actors.

Click here to read the GQ feature and see his spread. Check out Mosaic Collective for more information about “FlashForward.”

Here’s the trailer for “FlashForward,” which premieres Thursday, Sept. 24.


Photos courtesy of Nathaniel Goldberg for GQ

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