I’m generally fine with snarky humor about Asians, but something about the “funny” hate crime scene in the trailer for the upcoming comedy, “The Goods,” makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

The movie stars Jeremy Piven as a used car salesman who is brought in to turn a lackluster auto dealership around. In the particular scene in question (at 1:07), Pivens pumps up his fellow salesmen by comparing the upcoming car sale to a war. “Don’t let me get started on Pearl Harbor. We are the Americans; they are the enemies,” Piven’s character, Don Ready, says. As he delivers his speech, one of the older salesmen displaces his excitement by taking it out on the Asian co-worker. Then there is a quick shot where it appears as if the rest of the members join in on the beating.

Perhaps it’s because incidents like this have happened in the U.S. before. Perhaps Pearl Harbor also conjures up the injustice of the internment camps in its aftermath. Either way, the humor seems a little off-color to me. Check it out for yourself and sound off in the comments.

The film opens Aug. 14, so trailers are in high rotation on major networks.

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