Anthology17ACW TV show “Gossip Girl” has taken on a life of it’s own now that the series is a verified hit and career launching pad, so it’s easy to forget that the queen B and seductive S originated in the pages of a book. It’s only fitting that the characters are now returning to print — but in the form of a manga. Published by Yen Press, a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group USA, and written and illustrated by HyeKyung Baek, “Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only,” will be released January 2010 as part of the Yen Plus monthly manga anthology.
According to their press release, the manga will be “an original re-imagination of the girls’ senior year focusing on the lives of Blair and Vanessa.” Wait, what? Vanessa? We’re pretty sure they meant Serena, considering she’s featured on its cover art and all with her signature low-cut cleavage. We’re skeptical that the worlds of manga and “Gossip Girl” will go well together, considering how different their demographics are, but we’re still curious to see how it will turn out. Or maybe the genius of it is that our favorite mass-text sender will now reach an entirely new audience, furthering her goal for complete global domination. You know you love her. [via Yen Press]

0 Replies to “‘Gossip Girl’ Returns to Print in the Form of Manga”

  1. Arisa Kitsuna says:

    when will the manga Gossip Girl PUBLISH????

  2. mangafan198888 says:

    It will publish before Arisa Kitsuna’s ugly drawings… I’m sure 🙂
    Gossip Girl rocks!

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