Who can forget the amazingly talented singer-songwriter Clara Chung, who we featured as one of our top 15 most influential undergrads? We last gave you a sneak peek of the recording of her upcoming debut album, and we’re excited to share exclusive new details of the record with you. Titled “Art in My Heart,” Clara’s album is confirmed for a September release (official date pending) and has the following 10 tracks:
1. Hum
2. Offbeat
3. Heartstrings
4. The Camel Song
5. Til We Go
6. Fool’s Gold
7. Dear Daphne
8. Love Print
9. Wait on Me
10. Wake Up in Neverland

Many of Clara’s fans are familiar with “Offbeat,” which she performed at Kollaboration LA back in March, and the whimsical, soothing “Fool’s Gold,” while other songs are completely new gems waiting to be uncovered. Clara will be hosting her album party on Sept. 24 at the famous Hotel Cafe on the Sunset Strip, which will be the first chance for fans to see Clara perform all 10 songs off her debut album live with her band—so keep your eyes peeled for further details!

We’re so happy to see Clara’s music career take flight—awesome vocals and musical talent aside, she is also an incredibly gracious and warm person who is absolutely deserving of her growing success.

For a preview of “Art in My Heart” and how to pre-order the album:


Photo: Courtesy of Clara Chung

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