6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a6271674970b-320wiLast night was the first competitive show for the Top 20 of season six’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, and while many of the dancers got remarkable praise for their talent, sadly it was probably the shortest competition ever for Brandon Dumlao, who along with Ariana DeBose, were the first to be eliminated.
Brandon Dumlao, an 18-year-old hip hop dancer from Concord, Calif., originally did not make the Top 20, but due to Billy Bell’s sudden drop out from the competition because of “an undisclosed illness,” Brandon was able to replace his spot.

Now given the fact that Brandon only had about a day and half to learn and rehearse the choreography with partner Pauline Mata, and also given the fact that out of sheer bad luck he had to dance a waltz (which is hands down the most boring and forgettable dance style), it wasn’t a huge surprise that he was the first male finalist chosen to leave the competition.

Plus, for some odd and unjustified reason, krumper Russell Ferguson, who has so far only received flowers of praise from the judges, was also put in the bottom four to battle it out with Brandon. Unfortunately for Brandon, his mediocre, R&B style solo just could not compare to Russell’s raw, passionate, high-energy krump solo. As a unanimous vote by the judges, Brandon was sent home, once again.

On the bright side, judge Nigel Lythgoe made Brandon feel a tad better after his elimination by saying he’ll try his best to put in an exception to the rules so that Brandon will be able to compete again next season. Though it was a short minute for Brandon, he still left the show with respect as he expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to meet and dance with the amazing cast.

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