Here is BoA’s official music video for the third single off her self-titled U.S. debut album, “Energetic” – and the song and video sure live up to its name. Girl can dance! Music video is good, dance is good, style is good. Much better than her first two videos, “Eat You Up” and “I Did It For Love.” What I like about her is that she looks like she’s just doing what she’s good at – plain and simple. I don’t really sense the awkwardness in her as I do with other Asian artists who are trying to make it here (sorry, Wonder Girls and Se7en). If there are any anxieties about this being her American debut album, she sure isn’t showing it – she’s confident and transitioning quite well into the U.S. market. Most of all, I’m so glad she’s focusing on highlighting her dance skills rather than sexing it up. I can imagine this song catching on here…what do you think, Mochi readers? Are you a fan?

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