Last Tuesday night, “American Idol” top 12 contestants performed for the first time on a bigger stage in front of a large studio audience, where they took on songs by the Rolling Stones. After watching their performances, I saw no clear-cut person going home on Wednesday—thankfully, the contestants are starting to come into their own on stage.
However, in a weird twist on Wednesday, Idol host Ryan Seacrest spoiled the results for many viewers of who got voted off the show through his personal Twitter page. Three hours before the show was even aired on the west coast, Seacrest tweeted, “Packed radio show tomorrow…got tonight’s voted off Lacey Brown.” According to The Washington Post, Wednesday’s idol ratings were the lowest in history for a regular season episode in the 18-49 age demographic.

Ryan’s flub aside, I’m happy that Andrew Garcia has made it through to the top 11. Taking on the Rolling Stones’ “Give Me Shelter,” Andrew gave a performance sans guitar that was much improved over the disappointments of the past few weeks, which the judges acknowledged. I still feel he can let loose more on stage—as Kara Dioguardi said, “It lacked an inherent emotional connection”—but at least he’s headed in the right direction. Ellen DeGeneres agreed, even going as far as to say it was “his best performance yet.”

Get ready for this week’s performances—the theme will be “Teen Idols.” Could a performance by Justin Bieber be on the menu on Wednesday?

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