Sadly, all good things must come to and end, including “Alpha Girls.” For those of you who missed it, here’s where we left off with each Alpha Girl:

Tokimonsta Tokimonsta headlined a show at Webster Hall in New York City after returning from her trip to Seoul, Korea. Close friends Soo Joo, Dumbfoundead, Lewis, Rekstizzy, and more came to support her music. Before she gained momentum behind what is known today as Tokimonsta, she had made sure to get her college degree as backup before taking the risk to explore her passion of producing music. She took a year off and did everything she could to make music more than just a passion and a hobby; and instead a solitary career.

Miss Lawn Miss Lawn hosted the grand opening of her new store, Labism, in the Philippines. With much success tied to a special press event, she had a healthy turnout of fans and new shoppers that kept the store packed. As creative director, Miss Lawn’s life was hectic, between preparing for the move to a new office space in downtown L.A., her best friend’s “ratchelorette” party, plus a new store opening and trade show. She has plenty on her hands already but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing the momentum of her brand Hellz Bellz. This year, she’s working on a collaboration with Sanrio and others.

Soo Joo Soo Joo finished off New York Fashion Week with a bang, walking in the Jeremy Scott show despite her foot injury. Even with a full team of makeup artists and hair stylists prepping her for the show, she still made time to edit the final look in order to feel and show the confidence she needed to embody when taking the runway. With Fashion Week in Europe just around the corner, she needed to be even more mentally and physically ready for this next challenge. To stay in character and have stage presence is key in the career of modeling, but family comes before fashion. And if it hasn’t already been apparent, if Soo Joo wants something, she will continue to fight for it.

Mina Kwon Mina Kwon made some last prints in the factory for her upcoming art show. One of her final pieces was a replica of a Vibe magazine cover with Pharrell. She also produced some merchandise to sell at her art show, including snapback hats after seeing the popularity behind the custom hat she hand drew for G-dragon’s Big Bang video. Her art show turned out to be a big hit, and plenty of fans showed Mina love along with Danny of 1TYM and DFLA, Yultron, D9, Far East Movement, and more. Drawing was something she enjoyed as a child and she always knew that she’d becoming an artist someday.

Thanks for tagging along with Mochi for all of the latest on Alpha Girls TV. Make sure to keep up with the lives of each Alpha Girl here. Word on the street is that there may be a second season, so keep an eye out for any buzz on that front via MNET America. Until next time!

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