As a teenager, I was tantalized by glossy magazines promising a better beach body, sexier hair and cute boys. (Okay, I’ll admit—they still draw me in 10 years later). Magazines like Seventeen were my guilty pleasure. When I got my hands on an issue and subsequently devoured every page, I only took the advice offered as entertainment, however, not as gospel.
So when I stumbled upon high school senior Jamie Keiles’s blog, “The Seventeen Magazine Project,” I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jamie has embarked on a special research project to do exactly just that—to follow Seventeen’s June/July 2010 issue’s diet and exercise, beauty and fashion tips—for the entire month this June. (You can read about her specific project rules here). She is witty and biting, challenging the magazine’s emphasis on and obsession with fashion and boys, and encouraging readers to explore interests beyond such headline topics. Surprisingly or not, there is more to leading a fulfilling life than sleek hair and well-applied makeup.

What I find most impressive about Jamie’s writing is how self-aware she is for an 18-year-old. She is everything you want(ed) to be at 17 and inspiring, to boot. Jamie, we look forward to reading more of your writing after you complete this project!

Photo of Jamie Keiles via her blog

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