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Stay fashionable and green this summer by creating new clothes from what you already have!


Update a fashion staple by transforming it into a flirty top.


  • large square silk scarf (look for ones with borders)
  • ribbon
  • fray check
  • optional: beads
  • sewing tools

Cut the square scarf along the diagonal to form two identical triangles. Apply fray check to the cut edges.

Measure two pieces of ribbon as long as the cut edge of the triangles. Fold each ribbon in half lengthwise and iron to create a crease. Place the cut edge of each triangle in the crease of a ribbon. Sew along the top edge of the ribbon, stitching through all three layers.

Lay one triangle on top of the other, with the faces together. Stitch along the legs of the triangles, staying close to the edge. On the left side, stitch about one-third of the way up; this will be the back of the top. On the right side, stitch about two-thirds of the way up; this will be the front of the top.

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to form a halter strap. Sew one end to the back of one of the fabric triangles, attaching it securely at the top corner. If desired, string beads onto the ribbon to add detail. Sew the other end to the back of the other triangle.

Turn inside out and wear with confidence.


Reinvent a great print by reworking a dated dress into a fresh skirt.


  • large dress (look for great patterns)
  • wide (about ¾”) elastic
  • safety pin
  • sewing tools

Cut off the lower (skirt) part of the dress. If there is a waistband, cut just below it. If not, cut at the desired length plus about two and a half inches.

Lay this piece out flat, smoothing out any gathers, pleating, etc. If necessary, trim or even out the cut edge.

Turn this piece inside out. Fold the top edge over like a cuff – it should measure about two and a half inches.

One-inch down from the fold, stitch around the whole “tube.” Leave about one and a half inches unstitched, creating a gap.

Stitch one-inch below the last stitches, creating parallel rows. Be sure to leave a gap as before.

Measure a length of elastic to fit snugly around your waist. Add one-inch and cut.

Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic. Insert it into the casing formed between your rows of stitching. Use the safety pin to pull the elastic through.

Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew together. Stitch across the gaps left earlier.

Turn inside out and show off your new summer staple.


Recycle old t-shirts to create this trendy, feminine hair accessory.


  • old T-shirts
  • narrow elastic
  • safety pin


Cut off the hem of the T-shirt just above the stitching to form a large strip.

Cut into twelve-inch sections for each rosette.

Sew long stitches across the existing stitching, leaving the ends of the thread loose. Pull these stitches to gather the fabric.

Fold the corner of one end of the strip over. Wrap the gathered strip around this center, securing occasionally with stitches.

At the end of the strip, fold the corner over and stitch the end down.


Measure and cut a section of the T-shirt hem long enough to fit around your head. Measure and cut a length of an elastic a few inches shorter than this section.

Fold the strip lengthwise at the edge of the existing stitching. Iron to create a crease.

Attach a safety pin to the end of the tube. Push the pin through the tube until the tube is turned right side out.

Attach the safety pin to the end of the elastic. Use it to thread the elastic through the tube. Tie the ends of the elastic together.

Sew the rosettes to the band by stitching completely through the base of the rose and the headband, repeating until secure. Rock this Gossip Girl-inspired look like a real Queen Bee.

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