Captivated by the allure of desert landscapes, Ports 1961 designer Fiona Cibani delivered a mesmerizing collection for spring/summer 2011. Drawing inspiration from the contrasts of jagged geometric forms against the sensuous curves of sand dunes, Cibani showed robust silhouettes that encompassed delicate, fluid shapes in both draped and tailored pieces.
Light dusty shades like ivory, shell and willow were contrasted with emerald, sapphire and amethyst. The intense palette reflected the desert: expansively neutral, yet enlivened with seductive glimpses of lush oases. The effect was beautiful, capturing the full attention of everyone in attendance.

The Ports 1961 S/S 2011 collection is titled “Essadi,” the pseudonym used by explorer Isabelle Eberhardt while journeying into Northern Africa in the 19th century. There were many wearable separates, such as shorts paired with loose off-the-shoulder tops. Sleek floor-length dresses also made a statement and ’70s inspired flared pants exuded elegance. The movement of the fabrics embodied the wispy softness of sand blowing over dunes, capturing the full essence of the desert. Ports 1961 was chic and an amazing show to witness.

Photos by Alex Liang for Mochi

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  1. The truth is that the show was beautiful, wearable, and modern, but gets docked points for a lack of innovation. A collection that references the 1970s but doesn’t look “retro” will sell well, and the two show-ending gowns are bound to end up on the red carpet.

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