Chanel is known for its iconic pieces, like the classic quilted leather handbag, but the latest handbag that’s caught our attention is from their Shanghai Collection. If you haven’t already seen the accessories from this collection, take a look at Lady Gaga sporting the Chanel “Take Away” handbag. Though it’s a unique way to incorporate Chanel’s classic quilted leather and intertwined metal chain with the commonplace look of takeout boxes, in my opinion, the “take away” that’s etched on the side makes it look a tad cheap and not worth its hefty cost of $7500. Lady Gaga proudly rocks it and apparently it’s sold out already. Do you think it could be the next big thing or is it an unfortunate—and rare—flop by Chanel?
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  1. […] and impulses of another kind. First, it was Prada’s implacable mandarins, and now it’s Chanel’s take on take-out! Clearly, these companies are trying to break new ground, and then […]

  2. Wow, while I would never pay $7,500 for such a tacky looking bag, it comes with something of a pedigree. Apparently back in the day Coco Chanel was so inspired by the quilted fabrics worn by the Chinese, she designed the quilted black purse, that for better or for worse, are now one of the most coveted accessories by the well-heeled, especially in Asia. I find it deliciously ironic that a French design house can effectively rip off Chinese design, only to peddle it back to them at a mark-up that is greater than the GDP per capita of China today.

  3. Stella says:

    Are you kidding? Flop? NEVER. This bag is amazing. If I had 7500, I’d snatch it up as soon as possible.

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