My Code will exclusively represent all advertising inventory for Mochi Magazine, the longest-running online magazine for Asian American women.

My Code, the digital media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers and storytellers to decode and connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences, today announced a new exclusive partnership with Mochi Media LLC, publisher of Mochi Magazine, the longest-running online publication for Asian American women.

The partnership will be led by A Code, the cultural and affinity portion of My Code’s team dedicated to delivering meaningful and genuine marketing experiences to the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. By representing all advertising inventory for Mochi Magazine, My Code will use its robust creative content solutions and proprietary data to authentically connect advertisers with AAPI audiences.

“I deeply appreciate the way My Code treats multicultural marketing with the highest degree of research, passion and professionalism and closely aligns with Mochi Magazine’s values of accurately appealing to and representing Asian American women, a highly underrepresented but extremely important community,” said Giannina Ong, Editor-in-Chief at Mochi Magazine. “My Code prides itself in developing authentic media strategies and we’re looking forward to an impactful partnership as we continue our goal to create a collective community of solidarity and support for America’s diverse range of Asian identities.”

My Code has previously signed several exclusive publisher monetization deals with major Asian publishers, including, OnDemandKorea, ABS-CBN and Gizbot. Mochi Magazine now joins My Code’s list of minority-owned and led publishers that will benefit from My Code’s experience in empowering advertisers to accurately identify and connect with consumers.

“Mochi Magazine has proven themselves as leaders in the Asian women’s landscape and we’re delighted to partner with a publisher that’s synchronized in our shared mission to accurately represent diverse audiences,” said Parker Morse, Founder and CEO of My Code. “Today’s globalized, 24/7 media climate demands careful research and genuine messaging if advertisers are to connect with audiences in a non-intrusive manner and we look forward to providing that connection for Mochi Magazine for years to come.”

In addition to its focus on the AAPI community, My Code has a wide variety of multicultural specializations that reaches over 60 million Hispanic, Black, AAPI, Female and LGBTQ+ audiences. My Code offers custom branded content informed by data, integrated partnerships with publishers and talent, and high-impact media across audio, CTV/OTT, video and display. My Code uses its Intelligence Center to provide clients with proprietary first-party data which offers layers of insights to help brands better understand their target audience.

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About My Code

My Code is a digital media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers, and storytellers to decode and connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences. My Code was formed following the expansion of H Code, a 2x Inc. 5000-ranked company founded in 2015, into additional demographics beyond Hispanic consumers. With a diverse team of marketers, sellers, researchers, and storytellers specializing in an ever-growing selection of Cultural and Affinity Codes, My Code helps companies of all sizes reach millions of Hispanic, Black, and AAPI consumers with unmatched authenticity. My Code combines proprietary insights from its Intelligence Center, first-party targetable datasets, and custom creative to deliver unparalleled multimedia content that effectively reaches diverse audiences across the digital landscape. Having evolved from its Hispanic-centric origins, My Code is now a robust, minority-dominant organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of the diverse communities and audiences it represents. Its purpose-driven media marketplace allows advertisers to easily invest in minority-owned and led publishers, creators, and producers. Today, My Code’s employee base is 85% multicultural, 70% Hispanic/Latinx, and 50% female across its offices in the U.S. and Latin America.

About Mochi Media LLC.

Mochi Magazine is the longest-running digital publication for Asian American women. We amplify the voices of Asian Americans and our diverse perspectives, life journeys, and interests. Started in 2008 by Maggie Hsu, Stephanie Wu, and Sandra Sohn, Mochi was founded to provide a community for Asian American teenage girls to access sisterly advice and gain self-esteem. Today, Mochi continues to be an online magazine and community that’s passionate about creating meaningful content to support, inspire and celebrate our fellow Asian American women at any stage of life. Mochi aims to be collective community for that supports Asian Americans and builds solidarity with other people of color, while shedding light on the diverse range of identities that fall under the Asian American umbrella. We recognize, celebrate, and support Asian American women — inclusive of trans, cis, or gender nonconforming individuals — by amplifying the stories and perspectives of all marginalized genders.

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