In Hollywood, there’s an endless streak of former Disney stars who have transformed their careers and become bigger stars outside of the realm of TV. Could Hayley Kiyok be next?

Last month, Disney released a new original movie called “Lemonade Mouth.” It’s a story about a group of misfit kids sent to detention, where they find out that they have something greater in common—a love of rock and roll music. In a completely unauthorized publicity stunt, cast member Hayley Kiyoko (also known as Velma in the Scooby Doo movies), teamed up with co-star Chris Brochu to hold a flash mob in an LA Apple store.

I first saw Hayley Kiyoko guest-starring as Stevie in the Disney channel series “Wizard of Waverly Place” and fell in love with her rebellious conniving character. In the flash mob video, you see a little bit of that personality emerge as she begins to narrate what is about to happen in the Apple store. The “Lemonade Mouth” clip shows them walking into the store and just randomly starting to bump to a song from the movie “Determinate,” which has an incredibly catchy and upbeat tune with a message about having the confidence to pursue what you want while still having fun. The energy of Hayley, Chris, and their dance crew is infectious–even I felt like getting up and dancing to it!

IMDB doesn’t have much on Hayley, but if she keeps finding creative ways to connect with fans while showcasing her charming real-life personality, I bet we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

You can find an extended interview with the “Lemonade Mouth” cast about the flash mob experience and the movie itself via fanlalatv.

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