Planning your next vacation already? Mochi recommends Taipei, Taiwan, a hustling and bustling city with a great range of landmarks, eats, and shops.
National Taipei University (NTPU) is a well-known and internationally ranked choice for higher education. It’s a great option for learning Chinese if your visit is long enough, or even for an exchange program. Like any other university campus, NTPU boasts a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities.
History buffs and the aesthetically inclined will enjoy a visit to the National Palace Museum, with its immense collection of Chinese artifacts. From bronze to jades to ceramics, the museum presents an awe-inspiring showcases. If you don’t know where to start, tour guide headsets are available for 100NT (New Taiwanese Dollars), or a little over three American dollars.
But above all else, the world’s tallest building is a must-see. Taipei 101 is an impressive vision with an equally impressive selection of high-end shopping stores and a massive food court. For 350 NT, you can also ride the world’s fastest elevator to the observation decks on the 89th and 91st floors, both of which offer a stunning 360-degree view you won’t find anywhere else.

Nightlife and fun
For those over eighteen, Taiwan is a fun and exciting place at night. Whether you have a penchant for classy, glittery clubs or enjoy kicking back at laid-back bars and lounges, options exist all over the city. Wednesdays is Taipei’s official ladies night, when cover and drinks are free or discounted depending on the location.
Not legal yet? Not a problem. KTV, or karaoke, is a great alternative. Most of these are open 24 hours a day, so you can belt out melodies to your heart’s content whenever the fancy strikes. All KTV places also offer food and drinks, which you can order at places with cover fees.

Public transportation in Taiwan makes it easy to get around. During peak hours, you can find public buses every five minutes. If traffic is heavy, the underground MRT (Metropolitan Mass Transit) zips through many stations all over Taipei. A new extension of the MRT, the Maokong Gondola, also offers lift transportation services in the form of cable cars. Although not as speedy, it is a fun way to enjoy the scenic parts of the city.

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