web-hotguy1-1headerA rising junior at James Madison University, there’s more to 20-year old Michael Lee than meets the eye. This Virginia resident is an athlete, has a passion for financing, and even holds a summer internship at NASA. But despite his impressive resume, he continues to keep it real when it comes to family, friends, and girls. Surprisingly, this month’s Hot Asian Guy doesn’t stutter when he gets up close and personal about relationships with Mochi.
Flings or relationships? Well, flings are fun, but it’s good when things get intimate on different levels because you can really just enjoy each other’s company.

Do your parents and friends influence who you date? My parents are very chill about who I date. As for my friends, I can hear them, but it doesn’t matter as much. It’s more about how I feel.

What are the most significant qualities you look for in a girl? She has to have a good personality, be intellectual, be athletic, and genuinely want to spend time with me. Also, she can’t be artificial or superficial. I want someone who is real – someone who can be herself around me.

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— Jackelyn Ho

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